Monday, September 28, 2015


Enjoying a slice of my grandma's 100th birthday cake with Kendall. Grateful to have spent some great quality time with Kendall this weekend with my grandma, my parents and aunt loye. So grateful for family.

Monday, September 21, 2015

You got this!

You may be expecting a running story with that title, right!  Another story on the goodness of people.  

Last night we attended the musical Oklahoma. Nicely done and Georgie did fantastic with the noisy sounds - thunder sounds and gun fire. During intermission, I was waiting in line in the women's restroom (of course right, ladies!) It was a long line and was staying tuned as we inched our way up the line. The woman in front of me asked if I had been to this restroom before and if I knew the layout. I said usually I went to the one upstairs. She proceeded to give me a brief layout of the restroom telling me where the larger stall was, etc. then as it became available she turned to me and said -- you got this!! I thanked her and loved the reminder that we encourage, cheer and help each other on in all sorts of places. Encouraging each of you in what you are doing ... You got this!!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Love Series

I hope you enjoy this clip of footage of Georgie and I working, running and cycling.  I was grateful for the opportunity to share.

I love living an active life

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Portland Recap

Georgie and I flew to Portland Thursday to see our dear friend Debi and to enjoy the Guide Dogs for the Blind Reunion.  I just completed my term as the Chair of the Alumni Association (an amazing, growing experience) and was on the reunion committee.  Our theme was:  Paws around the World.  There were 100 dogs there and it was truly a wonderful weekend!  

Debi and I enjoyed time together on Thursday including amazing pedicures from MeSpa in Bridgeport.  You know when they cover your eyes and ask if they can tuck you in .. you are in for a relaxing treat!  

I had the opportunity to share at the Presidents Leadership Training and also do two sessions on Three Secrets to a Successful Trip with Lauren Ross - a field manager at GDB.  The Awards Banquet was amazing celebrating some incredible volunteers, graduates and staff.  At the end of the banquet, Theresa said they had one more person to thank and began to share some things ... I realized she was talking about me.  Very special moment.

I am so grateful to be a part of this amazing organization and have met so many incredible people and some amazing dogs.  Georgie was fantastic.

We just captured one picture through it all ... My dear friend Debi and I before the banquet began.  
If you want to hear more about our story of how we met you can watch the clip here:  Debi and Becky at the Fall Luncheon

Thursday, September 10, 2015


Last night Steve patiently went back to the office to pick up an item I had left.  This is a common occurrence as I try to remember all I need to take and not seeing it sometimes it just doesn't happen.  Steve is super patient and I am so grateful.   I reflect on when I was experiencing vision loss, someone told me you will learn a great deal of patience.  Indeed. Patience for my self.  Patience for those around.  And, I am so grateful for those who have such patience with me.

Yesterday, I walked over to Arctic Circle to get my colleague lunch (she had a crazy day without a break in her schedule and we needed a walk so it worked perfectly).  A kind gentleman came up to me after I had paid and was waiting for the food.  I had dropped a doggie bag out of my wallet.  He brought it over and asked if I might need that later.  We both laughed and I thanked him.

I am reflecting on the combination of Patience and a Sense of Humor.  I think they work well together.

Georgie and I are off to Portland.  She is excited and ready for an adventure.  It will be a nice journey and I am sure there will be times where we will practice patience as we make the journey both with ourselves and with others.  

This picture is Georgie's tag that reads:  See Beautiful.  We do. -- I think patient and sense of humor are part of seeing beautiful in ourselves and others.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Kindness Matters

Georgie and I walked over to the new convenience store near our office. It's a nice walk that gives us both some exercise and a break during our day. Knowing it was going to be a new routine I had asked on an earlier visit for a little orientation to the store from the sales associate. Now Georgie know just where to go for the drink I like, a little cup of ice for her and a snack. We had done this routine and then with a "find the counter" we got in line to pay. As we walked up to the counter, I set my things down on what I thought was the counter but missed it! They landed on the ground with ice flying all over and the rest of the items dropping. Before I could even realize it, the man behind me had picked up my items and placed them on the counter. He then said, just a minute I'll go get you a new cup with ice. I said thank you so much as I paid for my items and he brought back a new cup with ice in it. I thanked him again as I left.

As Georgie and I walked out the door I said to Georgie :) - that was so nice. Kindness matters. He helped you get new ice. I know the word she understood was "ice" from that conversation :). However, I think she also felt the kindness.

Kindness matters.

Be kind whenever possible, it is always possible.  Dalai Llama