Thursday, May 28, 2015

Love what you do

I am so grateful for the opportunity to love what I do. I enjoy the joy, creativity, and yes lots of hard work that comes with owning and manage our business: Resilient Solutions, Inc. Steve and I have the opportunity to spend a lot of time together in this journey. I LOVE it. We recently had new office pictures taken. This is one of my favorites with my sweet Georgie Girl.  Georgie seems to be pretty happy and loving what she does in this picture :).

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Challenge Yourself

Do one thing every day that scares you. --Eleanor Roosevelt. One of my many favorite quotes! For quite some time, I talked about going to the gym and meeting with a trainer. It felt a little scary. Finally, I did it and am loving the experience. Thank you, Jenny, for challenging me even when I say, really another set of 20 :). Georgie cheers me on. Usually she is lying down but when she saw the camera phone come out she stood up to pose :). It was time to go and I said, Georgie outside .. she weaved through the machines to the door and then we walked back to our office.

Apparently, our workout was exhausting for Georgie. She spent the rest of the day sleeping at the office.

My top is from the NYC Marathon -- over the bridges and through the wall ... :). My pants are from the Boston Marathon. Running shoes are Altra. Trying to decide which I love the most - Hoka or Altra.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015


How was your day?  My day started out with a 4-mile run with my friend, Brenda.  I am so grateful to have friends that love to run so close by.  My fifth marathon will be this October in St. George, Utah.  A few more weeks and full training will begin.  Famous last words the day after the Boston Marathon - That was an amazing experience -- I think I am great to run half-marathons and not doing any more full marathons.  A few days after that I was invited to do the St. George Marathon and I am in :)!  

Georgie's Celebration Moment of the Day:  We were at the ENT Doctor.  Oh my word, that was painful.  Good news is I can hear again.   After we finished I told her 'let's go find the elevator.'  She weaved around the exam rooms, out the office, down the hallway and to the elevator.  We arrived at the elevator with her tail wagging.  She was so proud.  A lady commented on what a happy dog!  True.  I was so happy how easily she made our exit from the doctor's office.  

Back to the office where I enjoyed connecting with some of my colleagues before sessions with clients.  It is so nice to have a work environment where I simply love the people I work with at Resiilent Solutions, Inc.   

A few fashion favorites of the day:  Alex and Ani bracelets (love them!),  these shoes are black in the front and brown in the back so they go with everything! (love them!), a rainy day was a great time to wear a favorite red sweater (Gap) and these pants from Ann Taylor are so comfy.  

Monday, May 25, 2015

Georgie's weekend in St. George

Georgie seems to know when we are heading down to St. George. By the way, I love that I have a dog name Georgina/Gigi/Georgie :) and we love St. George.  We keep some special toys down in St. George that Georgie loves.  She knows the cupboard that they are kept in and waits there wagging her tail for play time.  

I am grateful to have a job that allows me to schedule my own hours which allows for flexibility and time to slip away for 3-day weekends frequently :). Thankfully, Steve also has some flexiblity. We were able to get away by late morning on Friday. Georgie is a fantastic traveller and settled in for the 4 plus hour journey. Steve had a conference call on the way down. I returned calls as well as learned some new things on my new iphone, 6 plus. I am loving this new phone! Today, in celebrating Georgie and the guide dog lifestyle I want to mention how amazing Georgie is at shopping. Often, in grocery shopping I am with someone - usually Steve. She walks by the side of him and it is so natural. It is like I am seeing simply walking by the side of him. If I am with someone else or by myself and asking for assistance, I tell her to follow and she walks by the side of whom we are getting assistance. She knows find the counter (which helps us get to the nearest check out line) , outside, even find Steve if we have gone to another aisle. Once I know a store with a few directions she can help me get to the places we need to go. So fantastic!! We enjoyed going to movies, plays and musicals. We saw a movie while in St. George. I love movies with a dialogue that is easy to follow or one that is funny. When possible, the audio description is fantastic. My favorite seat is the disability seating that has a little extra room for Georgie. I have a couple different roll up rugs that make it enjoyable for Georgie, too. (Thanks, Mimi!) We love the outdoors and St. George is a beautiful place to enjoy. We went for a couple runs while we were down there and Georgie joined us -- off harness, of course, on leash running by the side with Steve guiding me. We also enjoyed a beautiful walk that this picture is taken. (Photo description - Georgie sitting in harness with the red rocks in the background. Georgie is smiling.)
And of course, a trip to St. George isn't complete without a ride on our tandem.  Steve is hoping to get 2000 miles this summer so I try to support on the back :).  

Have a great week!  So grateful for Georgie's vision -- guiding me through life in such a joyful way.  

Tuesday, May 19, 2015


Georgie and I have been a team for over a year now. We are in a rhythm. We know each other pretty well. Today, I said, Georgie, let's go. She was in the midst of chewing on a bone and happily brought it along for the day. Silly girl. Did she know it was going to be a longer day at the office and bringing something fun would be a good idea. She knows when I pull out my wallet at the office that we are probably going for a walk. There is a convenient store close to our office that we walk over to get her a little scoop of ice. I tell her from my office - let's go get some ice and she knows just where we are going.

I love all the little mannerisms we begin to learn and understand about each other.

Monday, May 18, 2015

My Heroes, Puppy Raisers

This blog is to celebrate Georgie, a guide dog, and what she does each day serving as my vision.  It also is a place to express my gratitude for all who come together to create these amazing partnerships.   I hope to share some highlights of her guide work.  It's a big job and Georgie is doing a fantastic job -- as did Cricket and Pantera.  

Today's Georgie's Vision Celebration:  We were at the Oakland Airport.  I needed to go to the restroom.  It wasn't too far away and so with some direction of a left and an inside she found it fairly quickly.  It was a little confusing in my directing her so when we finished I told her:  Find Steve.  I loved how she got a little waggy.  She knew just what I was asking her to do.  She walked back navigating her way through the crowds until her nose was right by Steve's knee where he was sitting.  Good girl and kibble for you, Georgie.  

Recap of our Trip to San Rafael:  

This was my last trip to San Rafael for meetings at Guide Dogs for the Blind. (I am sure I will be back whenever I get the chance but as a member of the board - this was my last time :). I have served for almost six years on the Alumni Association Board and for the past two years as the Alumni Association Chair.  As chair, I have had the opportunity of quarterly attending a part of the GDB Board Meetings and sharing an update from the Alumni Board.  My term will end June 30.  Steve joined me for this last trip, and we had a lot of fun.
Steve, Becky and Georgina waiting for the ferry in Sausalito
Georgina sitting in front of the beautiful house we stayed in during our stay in San Rafael, California
So fun to visit Georgie's home as a puppy raiser -- she RAN inside she was so excited!!

These are streets that Georgie walked around as she was a puppy in training!

As we spent time in their beautiful home and backyard, their lovely city, the amazing K-Love Station that Georgina spent much time at; I was struck with gratitude for these amazing people.  Throughout the day, we heard 'we walked this sidewalk so that she would get used to sidewalks that had grates on them,' ETC, ETC.  She walked trails as a puppy that now make our trails in St. George so easy for her.  These incredible people trained her and gave her so many experiences of what life entails as a guide dog.   All these experiences as a puppy in training help her so much as a guide dog:  a crazy Costco day, a hectic busy bus, a noisy baseball game, or even a long day at the office or a totally new experience; she knows she can do it.  

I am so grateful that this beautiful guide dog, Georgie, connected us to each other.  I am inspired by their love and truly grateful that Steve and I have some dear friends as well.  Thank you, Libby and David and all puppy raisers.  You are my heroes.     

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Joyful Moments

Georgie has been my guide for almost 14 months now. I have loved getting to know her and learning what brings her joy (which seems to be almost everything.) She is such a happy dog. I am a therapist and so she takes in a lot of information and emotions in our office in a day. I recall a client telling me with my previous guide -- She should write a book on Life on the Pillow :). She lays on her pillow - sometimes chewing on a bone, often sleeping and seems to sense a loving gesture is needed. At just the right time, she will pick up one of her bones and bring it to a client wagging happily. It can't help but bring a smile. She also seems to know when it isn't the right time and to stay still. Perhaps she knows that as Dr. Siegel says ... A remarkable amount of the time being human isn't easy.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to connect with a great friend. Between our gym time and clients at the office, we took time for pedicures and a visit outside in the sunshine. The beauty of connection and sharing with others is amazing. As I reflected on what made this experience so joyful, I think of my friend being so fully present with me. I also loved Georgie by my feet and whenever I mentioned her name her tail would wag. Some joyful moments to treasure. Sometimes clients will tell me, I don't have time to take care of myself ... I tell them we don't have time not to ... If we are depleted, it is harder to experience and feel joy. Trust me, I know life gets so busy and its not easy to find those moments -- but they are necessary and worth fighting for so we can be in the moment and experience joy. Today, I am super excited that I will be doing something I has been on my 'bucket list' .. to run the Golden Gate Bridge. Steve, Georgie and I will be in San Francisco for a few days. The running tether is packed and we will experience the joy of running the bridge! What brought you joy today?

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Introducing the Becky & Georgie Team

Thank you for visiting our blog.  Let me introduce us.  Georgina, also known as "Georgie Girl", "Gigi", and "my happy girl" is my third guide dog from Guide Dogs for the Blind.  We have been a team since March 24, 2014.  My first guide dog, Pantera, was a dedicated guide that worked for 9 years.  She died at the age of 13 1/2 and gave me my freedom and independence back.  Cricket, my second guide dog was a sweet, loving guide and worked for 7 years.  She shared her love throughout the country as we had many wonderful adventures including building our private practice.   Cricket is now with a wonderful family that is giving her amazing love and adventures in her retirement. Georgina is my joyful 3rd guide.  She smiles and lives so joyfully.  Already in the past year she has been on 24 flights across the country and has supported me running three marathons.  
My name is Becky.  I have an eye condition called Retinitis Pigmentosa and have a pinhole of vision in one eye remaining.  I love life and my most recent adventure was running the Boston Marathon.  We have a business:  Resilient Solutions, Inc Resilient Solutions, Inc.where  I am an individual, marriage and family therapist as well as owner/manager of the office with my husband of 31 years, Steve.  We have two adult children - Natalie and Kendall.

As I reflected on a name, I kept thinking about Georgie's eyes that guide me through life.  I truly am blessed by her vision - literally her eyes and her vision and joy in serving as a guide dog.  It is an inspiring role to love and serve someone.  Georgie does it with such joy.  She hears the word 'go' or 'walk' and her whole body wags.

We love comments and questions ... What would you like to know .. about Guide Dogs?  How we work as a team?  Through my blog:  cruisinwithcricket.blogspot,  I met so many amazing people.  I look forward to further connections.  Join us in our joyful journey.